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Michael Julian on “My Favorite Detective Stories” Podcast

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Michael Julian on “My Favorite Detective Stories” Podcast

Listen HERE Michael Julian is the CEO/President of MPS Security & Protection, a division of National Business Investigations, Inc., founded in 1967 by his father Ron Julian.  The company provides corporate executive protection, threat and risk mitigation, and security. Michael is licensed in multiple states as a Private Investigator and Security Professional, is a graduate…

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Podcast Episode 011 – ALIVE Certified Instructor Course

ALIVE Certified Instructor Course

We discuss the January 24th & 25th ALIVE Certified Instructor Course held in Southern California.   Learn about our Live Training Take the Online Course (use coupon code PODCAST25) Become a Certified ALIVE Instructor by taking the ALIVE Certified Instructor Course Get the book, 10 Minutes To Live Active shooter survival is not a joke;…

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Church security member takes active shooter out

A man opened fire in a Texas church, killing two, then dies when he’s shot by an armed citizen. 43 Y/O Keith Kinnunan was killed when an armed church parishioner and member of the volunteer church security team, Jack Wilson, pulled his sidearm and returned fire, hitting the gunman in the head. Two other West…

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KUSI San Diego Carlos Amezcua Interviews Michael Julian

Carlos Amezcua from KUSI in San Diego interviews Michael Julian about the recent shooting at Jacksonville Madden tournament. Active shooter survival is not a joke; in the world we live in must be taken very seriously. We are here to serve you and give you the tools & knowledge you need to survive if the unthinkable…

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Setting Up Your Classroom to Guard Against a School Shooter

Tips To Protect School Against An Active Shooter

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of an active shooter in any setting, but especially not in a school with thousands of defenseless children and faculty gathered in closed spaces. But mass shootings happen all across the country, and unfortunately, they are a lot more common than any of us would like to think.…

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KSWB 2 19 18 Active Shooter 7am

Active Shooter training interview SD Fox News

Michael Julian talks about staying ALIVE in KSWB. https://fox5sandiego.com/ Active Shooter Survival Is Not A Joke, And In The World We Live In Must Be Taken Very Seriously. We Are Here To Serve You And Give You The Tools & Knowledge You Need To Survive If The Unthinkable Happens, But You Must Take Survival Into…

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Southwest County’s Staff trained on active shooter safety

TEMECULA – The staff of Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County was educated on active shooter safety Tuesday, Dec. 5, by Michael Julian, as expert and leader in the private investigation and security industry and the owner of MPS Security & Protection. In order to proactively train its staff and reinforce a safe environment…

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