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Podcast Episode 011 – ALIVE Certified Instructor Course

ALIVE Certified Instructor Course

Podcast Episode 011 – ALIVE Certified Instructor Course

We discuss the January 24th & 25th ALIVE Certified Instructor Course held in Southern California.


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Welcome to the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program where the experts break down active shooter incidents to discuss and assess each event to help you stay alive. This is your host, security expert and creator of the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program.

Michael Julian: Welcome everyone to the next episode of the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program Podcast. I think this might be the first one in 2020 or the second one. We’re just going to talk a little bit today about the instructor certification class for the ALIVE Program which we had another one this last weekend. Joining us today is my good friend, Mark Gillespie from Texas who was also a certified instructor what’s happening, Mark?

Mark Gillespie: Hey, Michael, not much. Glad to be here. Happy New Year.

Michael Julian: Thank you.

Mark Gillespie: (Inaudible)

Michael Julian: Yeah, no kidding. Right. That’s going quick. So Let’s see a couple things we did have. I just went online real quick to see what kind of incidents we might have had. And we’ve had a couple course. So as far as active shooters this for this year, obviously we’ve had some and I thought, well, let’s look at what happened first and it said, within the first 24 hours of 2020, America had at least three more mass shootings. This is for the center for gun violence. So they, frankly, they tend to exaggerate a little bit and put everything in, you know, gun violence mass shooting. But you know, these… these are, these were may not necessarily qualifies active shootings, but
they were mass shootings. I don’t know all the details. The Wednesday after New Year’s seven people were shot during disputed a Hookah Bar in West Virginia. Now, a lot of times these mass shootings will happen as retaliation because there’s a fight. That’s not really the active shooter that we talked about, that we teach about, though a lot of the survival tactics can be the same because once a… once any kind of act of violence breaks out, you can use the steps of, of ALIVE to… you know, try and save yourself. Let’s see… and that was in West Virginia, four people shot at a party and at a Cleveland Club, and four people were shot three fatally, the St. Louis intersection. I don’t know the details on those. However, like I said a lot… a lot of the time there.. there… it’s gun violence, or any kind of violence where it’s, you know, somebody starts out angry at one particular person. And at the moment, a lot of the active shooting events that we talked about, and that are textbook are typically events that evolved over time because like in a program, we talked about this type of violence being it occurs over time, it’s not just that someone doesn’t just wake up and decide to become an active shooter. However, people can lose their cool when they’re upset because of dispute in a bar and go out to the car and get their gun and come back in and start shooting. So the… the the survival steps of ALIVE certainly… certainly will apply here. So it’s very, very unfortunate that this continues and you know,
hopefully we’ll just continue to get… the get the word out about about ALIVE because we know it works. So Mark, regarding the inspector said….

Mark Gillespie: Mike, let me just say something.

Michael Julian: Sure.

Mark Gillespie: Let me just say something about that. Oh, you’re right. The course is designed… you’ve designed the course around active shooter incidents. Something that’s been planned by one or several individuals, due to many, many differen… different things that are going on that individual’s life and mind. Speed, we provide that training to people who know what to do to survive an active shooter incident. But the great takeaway from your course, Michael, is that it can be any shooting incident, it could be any incident involving a weapon or an instrument to create violence and terror. So it’s not just…. the great takeaway is that it’s not just to survive strictly an active shooter incident. It’s to survive any incident that when the shit hits the fan, you know what you need to do. There’s… there’s… you know, five steps that you clearly layout that people can follow and they will… they will know what to do to increase their chances of survival.
So, you know, it’s a great program and it applies in every scenario.

So I think…
Yeah, thank you for that Mark and… and you know, in the… in the… the in-person class and the three hour online comprehensive course, we talk a lot about prevention about recognizing those signs. Now obviously, if there’s a random act of violence and someone comes to a location that they’ve never been before and start shooting, start shooting, there’s not a lot you can do to to prevent that. From a behavioral acknowledgment. Obviously, as you know, you want to make yourself a hard target so that you know, there’s access control into your buildings or your schools, that sort of thing. But in the longer courses and the in person course, we talked about recognizing those signs because again, this is not something that just happens if an employee starts to act a certain way or a student or a family member, and they start to act a certain way we teach how to recognize that sort of thing so that we can hopefully address it either directly with them or some other way to prevent that sort of thing from happening. So thank you for that Mark. I definitely agree. And, you know, again, it’s not going to get any, it’s going to get worse before it gets better, unfortunately. And the way that we’re going to hopefully get this make it better is like I said, training and security, physical security and training. And so that’s why we have the instructor certification course, when you went through there was, I think nine nine guys that came from all over the country for the two day course. And in the course we… we go over everyone’s got to read the book and my book and take the three hour comprehensive online course before they even show up so that they’re pretty familiar with it. But then we break down the video we… the… the video of my presentation, we… we go through student lesson plans, talking about the book…

Michael Julian: You know, we break down every one of the five steps into why it exists, how to carry it out, how to teach it, why it matters, the mindset of the… of the shooter or the active killer to understand why they do what they do and I… you know, like in it to being on a team sport, if you know your opponent’s game book, their game plan, what they’re going to do when the… when the ball is
hiked, or served or whatever, you’re way ahead of the game when it comes to… to countering whatever it is they’re going to do so that you can win and winning in this situation is obviously staying alive. So… so we go through and of course, all of that we have, we actually have a
section where… where we teach public speaking, you know, we teach people and a lot of the guys that show like yourself, I’ve been an instructor for years on a multitude of different subjects. So it’s not… nothing new but you know one little pearl of wisdom can make you that much better of a… of a presenter… we’ll talk about that. I have a marketing guy come in and talk about how to market the course because this is a for profit course I mean the security professionals that come in to learn to become a certified instructor they go then market it because it is there… it’s now there in house active shooter program. And the nice thing in the feedback that I always get
is after the marketing class guys go well, hell I can apply all of these principles of marketing to my… to my core business, whether it be Security Investigations, safety, whatever. And then we do a 550 question final exam and a you know, a graduation ceremony and photos and all that stuff. So, and then of course the night Well, when you came out the night before the night of and then the first day and then the night of the second day we went out and smoke cigars and had a good time. So there’s a lot of team building amongst the… the instructors. Well we did this they did that this one we just had one this last weekend and we had a great group of guys from… from all over the country all of them you know in the security profession a lot of them former military, some former law enforcement and we just had a really really good time now these guys I was I was kind of impressed after the first night after they got their teach back assignments. I’m
like okay guys where do want to go to dinner and they… they all voted to not go out because they wanted to practice their… their present… presentation style and get to know the course better and get ready so they all wanted to go back to their hotels and… and practice and get
ready and look, you know, present in the mirror so they were even better. So that was pretty cool but I took him out to real nice dinner and cigars and beers afterwards after they graduated, so we had a really really good time. We got some… we got some good new guys on… on the team. But back to my point.. you know, the way we’re going to help people survive and ultimately, I think we will change the trajectory of this because these incidents are going like this still, someday, I think they’re going to start going like that, because like we talked about in the, you know, in the course and what we’ve learned is these people, their focus is gaining power and control over their lives that they feel either they… they never had or someone took from them. And they blame society because they don’t have the proper healthy coping skills to deal with that sort of thing. So these guys just so out, go decide to go out and spread fear and death, you know, at their own hands so that they can feel this one last sense of power and control. Most of them already having decided they were going to kill themselves. So clearly, they’ve got no regard for human life and in this training, and in implementing proper physical security apparatus and techniques, more and more these guys are going to be worse, rather, less and less of these people are going to be successful. And if the general consensus among somebody that might want to consider this is that I’m probably not going to succeed. And then I will not have that power and control that I so desperately wanted. They’re going to find something else to do. You know, they’re going to… they’re going to figure out some other way to deal with that, or not deal with it. Maybe they’ll just kill themselves without trying to kill other
people, which, frankly, I don’t want that either. These people are troubled, and they can get help and be, you know, members of society that are actually contributing to… to the world and I said give them help, but that doesn’t always happen, unfortunately, but through training and through Improving physical security, I think there’s going to be less and less successful people and it’s going to be, it’s not going to be such a hot option. Because they’re going to… they’re going to say, well, I can’t get the power and control. I want that way. So maybe I’ll try and figure something else. What do you think?

Mark Gillespie: Well, I think you’re exactly right. And one thing is that we’re teaching people to… to become empowered to do things that they haven’t done before to do things that they thought they were never capable of doing. And, and the more people that attend your course, more people have become knowledgeable of these events and how to react. I think that’s going to have a huge impact on how these things are resolved. And how… how perpetrators or the you know, the, the people that commit these horrible acts, you know, they may they may start taking a look that you know, maybe it’s not such a wise idea. I mean, I’m just speculating, but I think that could happen.

Michael Julian: Yeah, I agree. I agree. And that’s certainly a… I mean, the primary focus is to teach people how to survive so that they can because these things are going to go on for a while. I mean, we’re not going to change the world overnight, one class at a time, one person at a time. But so we want to teach them survival. But I think if we teach enough people, and these incidences decline in success and body counts, maybe they’ll choose another option. And we saw, we’ve mentioned it before on other podcasts. You know, twice last year or two students, one high school student in Colorado and one college student in I think was South Carolina or North Carolina at a college there. When… when the shooter burst through the door and started shooting. Whatever person it was, in this case, it was both males. I don’t know if they were the closest or whatever, but they decided to take it upon themselves to act and they acted immediately and they rushed the shooter. And in both instances unfortunately those two people died but they saved everybody else in there because they rushed him grabbed him. And I know for sure the college student yelled get him… get him or jump on him or something. So it… it
prompted the other people you know, the other students in the room to act because as we know, most people, or many people shut down in fear or not being prepared. They don’t know what to do. So they do nothing or the wrong thing. But after being yelled at to jump on a run, and they saw that this guy was doing it, they did it also. Well, like I said, both incidences those two people died, but everyone else live because of the fact that they took action. And I can’t help believe… I believe… I’m almost positive that in both situations, those schools had… had active shooter survival training. I would speculate that had that not happened, it’s possible that one or both may not have known that that’s what they were supposed to do. Clearly, they were not far enough away to run out or get behind a, you know, a solid structure. Their option was, you know, the V in ALIVE, which is Violence, they chose violence, and they saved their classmates because of their actions. And, you know, so do we think, well, yeah, but they died. So why do that? Well, the alternative is they don’t do that. They’re the closest person to the shooter. So they get shot and killed anyway and don’t say to anybody. So clearly, that’s a hard decision. And, you know, as you know, we teach in the course we’re not telling anyone to be a hero. Your job is to stay alive for yourself and the people you love, but there will always be will what has you know, what we refer to in the industry is sheepdogs that will try and protect the
flock and go after the wolf, and that’s what these two individuals did, and they lost their lives, but they saved the lives of those around them. And had they done nothing, the chances are great that they would have been killed anyway. So, going back to the course I just want to show a few photos. I haven’t uploaded the photos yet of this last weekend’s class, but I just want to show some photos from… from our class. Was it four or five, six months ago? Can you see these pictures Mark?

Mark Gillespie: Yeah.

Michael Julian: So this is clearly something you and I like to do whenever we get together and we’ve known each other for many years. We… we did a little cigar outing. I think it was the first night. This was the second night after dinner. had a good time. This was teaching. That’s our buddy Rodney. This was our awesome class. We had a good time during the class. Couple of the instructors…. really good time during the class… such a good group of guys very like minded individuals.

Mark Gillespie: I love it but that… I love about that class Michael is you got…. you got people from all over the country, different levels of experience, all coming, you know, with… with something that each one of us can learn from. And you know, we go from not knowing each other to becoming very, very close and good friends just after, you know, about 20 hours of being together.

Michael Julian: That’s right. Some of the… some of the guys I think this is dinner the first night, went out, had a beer, had a good time….[laughing] had a good time. This was probably dated that’s hanging out. Like this is day two.

Good group of guys, man. This is a testimonial interview afterward that we filmed. That was a great class. The last class this last weekend we had a great class two of these guys were good and they were into it too. Here’s our instructor group… oh yes… again dinner and
dinner and beers the first night or second night.

Mark Gillespie: What’s a good combination of working hard in the classroom and then having a good time on the town later?

Michael Julian: Yeah, that’s right. There we are doing the cigar thing. We had a good time that night. Mark, Mark, I think Mark
might have had a couple that night he was I think were you reaching into Give me a kiss here buddy.

Mark Gillespie: [Inaudible]

Michael Julian: Oh Man, that was great. Here’s our group. Guys.

Mark Gillespie: [Inaudible]

Michael Julian: What’s that?

Mark Gillespie: Good fraternity.

Michael Julian: Good fraternity. Those guys came from all over the country for that class. So we’ve already I had a backlog for the next class. It was a lot of guys that couldn’t do it because it was the first month after the new year, and so they’re already signing up. The next course is going to be April 24 and 25 here at the live corporate office in Southern California. And you can go to the website at activeshootersurvivaltraining.com, go to the tab that’s training and then down… down on the third option is the instructor certification course. So if you’re interested in that, you can sign up for to get our emails and notifications as to when the classes are or you can go right to the registration page and sign up and get in, get a seat ready and I’m expecting the next class probably to be bigger because there’s so many people that want to do the January class but couldn’t because of the timing. So it might be a good idea. I think I’m going to we had 13 in the first class, I’m going to limit it to 10 because that was just those were long days, 10 hour days. I mean, we do you know, we do the teach back assignments so that at the end of the first night, as you remember, everybody gets an assignment to… to learn and be prepared to give a presentation of a section of the ALIVE Program. And then on day two in the morning after I go through some… I added some speaking tips, which I think the guys really liked on preparing and.. and presenting. And then after that, right after lunch actually before lunch the guys did you do a teach back and we videotape you. And then we evaluate and critique give you their feedback, which is, you know, the best feedback is usually critical because you find out what you did worse. But of course, we also talked about the highlights and you know, some of these guys did a hell of a job, I was very impressed. I mean, they’re ready to go out. As long as they know the content, they’re ready to go out and do a presentation right away. And but it’s great because I give them the videos and they get to see them and we all critique our selves harder than anyone else does. So these guys are going to see and go, “Oh, man, I should have done that or whatever.” And they’ll improve on their their speaking skills. So anybody that’s interested in a an in person presentation, we’ve got instructors all over the country so I don’t have to fly around and do… do them all myself anymore, which I’m pretty happy about Mark I recalled you and Devon Tate being… yeah all the guys did a good job. But you and Devon Tate did a phenomenal job when you did your teach back. So I was really, really impressed. But again, you’ve been teaching for years. So I guess I expected. I expected a pretty high, high level but you blew me away, man, you were animated and you spent the night before customizing your slides and everything. You did a really good job.

Mark Gillespie: It was fun. I appreciate that. It gave me a lot of motivation to do a good job and, and I strove for that. Totally good.

Michael Julian: Yeah. Well, we certainly enjoyed having you. So the next instructor certification course is April 24. And so if anyone’s interested in that, that’s when that will be. Otherwise, Mark, you got any parting thoughts before we sign off?

Mark Gillespie: Well, just hanging on my mind right now is I think you need to really take the time right now to mention your the online class, especially if people can’t attend a an in live session that that you or any of us teach because that online class is excellent. So…

Michael Julian: Thank you. Yeah…

Mark Gillespie: Why don’t you tell them a little bit about that?

Michael Julian: Yeah. And by the way, because of the different feedback I was getting from, you know, we’ve got a lot of HR managers, risk managers and safety and security directors that purchase the course or are interested in the course for their employees. Some of the feedback I got was, I don’t… you know, I don’t really want to pull my… pull my people off the production line or… or out of there whatever, for three hours. So I created not only one hour accelerated course, but also a 20-minute lightning course and the accelerated course goes into in depth into the steps of ALIVE and some other things but obviously isn’t three hours we don’t, we don’t go too much into you know why the killer does what they do. I don’t show you know a lot of the videos that I show in the three hour comprehensive course and then the but it’s one hour which fits a lot more schedules for these HR and risk managers for their people. And then I created a 20 minute for a
lot of the average consumer. Well, that’s not true actually. I’ve got… I’ve had interest on both sides but some people just flat out go well gosh that an hour or three hours seems like a lot a long time. So for $9 they can get a 20-minute class on the essential five steps of ALIVE. What I’m seeing is the people that take the 20 minute class now kind of are like wow, I need to know more.

So now they started signing up for the one hour and the… and the three-hour course which I do offer a discount on if you’ve taken the lightning course. So you end up spending less money, I think. In fact, overall, if you do the 20-minute course and then do the three-hour course, I think you spend a little bit less than if you just bought the three-hour course I don’t know if that’s a good thing to say sales-wise for revenue, but it is what it is. And I’m more interested in people getting the knowledge and the training to help them survive. And frankly, this was not created to make money this was… I didn’t start doing this so that I get rich. I did it so to help people survive and with Liz Marino, the survivor of the Las Vegas shooting who credits the ALIVE Course with her survival, that… that reinforced that and that’s fine with me, you know, but either way, anyone interested in the online course can go to aliveactiveshootersurviavaltraining.com and get that. Of course I’ve got the book. I’m starting to sell it sounds salesy, but I wrote the book 10 minutes to live surviving an active shooter using ALIVE because I knew that not everyone was going to be able to get the in person course. So I create and wrote the book and the book is the whole program and then… and then some, obviously and I call it a survival manual because it is and I’m very, very pleased and fortunate it’s gotten some really good reviews from people that.. that I respect you being one of them. So the books available the online course and then… and then, of course, the… the in-person training which now because we’ve got even more instructors can be done very easily anywhere in the country. So anyway, I’m hoping that between now and the next podcast we do what we will have any new shootings to report on. That… that is our desire. We’d like to put ourselves out of business so that there’s no more need for this training and I’m fine with that. That’s kind of the goal. But until then, we will keep doing what we’re doing. If anyone’s interested in the courses let us know again, the website is activeshootersurvivaltraining.com. Mark, as always, I want to thank you for being here. Thank you for being a part of the program. I know you’re making a difference. And I’m just excited about what we’re going to be able to achieve in 2020. Wouldn’t you agree?

Mark Gillespie: Absolutely.

Michael Julian: All right, my friend. Well, as usual, thank you for being a part of the ALIVE Program. You can always get a hold of us through the website or you can call my fancy ALIVE number which is 83399 alive. You’ve got any questions and until the next time, my friend great to see you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mark Gillespie: Good seeing you, take care Mike.

Michael Julian: Bye Bye, everybody.

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