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Church security member takes active shooter out

Church security member takes active shooter out

A man opened fire in a Texas church, killing two, then dies when he’s shot by an armed citizen.

43 Y/O Keith Kinnunan was killed when an armed church parishioner and member of the volunteer church security team, Jack Wilson, pulled his sidearm and returned fire, hitting the gunman in the head. Two other West Freeway Church of Christ members, Richard White, a member of the security team was shot, and Tony Wallace were killed by the gunman. 

The West Freeway Church of Christ shooting took place on December 29, 2019, in White Settlement, Texas, United States. Two people in the congregation were killed before the gunman was fatally shot by a volunteer security guard. The attack was live-streamed, as are all services at the church.  Video of the shooting appeared online in real time, and was captured, leading to multiple Twitter posts and YouTube videos.

The perpetrator shot and killed two members of the church before he was fatally shot by Jack Wilson, another church member, ending the attack within six seconds. The victims were Anton Wallace, age 64, and Richard White, age 67. Wilson is a firearms instructor and a former reserve deputy sheriff in Hood County, Texas.   Wilson indicated that five or six other members of the church assembly also drew their own weapons in response to the shooting.

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