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Active Shooter Survival Training for Busy Business Professionals and Their Teams

With mass shootings occurring all too frequently in business settings, many professionals agree that training staff to properly respond to these events is becoming a more urgent priority.

However, with all the other legally mandated programs required in the different industries, it can sometimes be difficult to add training in this specific area.

Additionally, with the advent of the internet, many businesses are scattered across states, nations, and even continents. This makes it even more problematic when it comes to implementing company-wide training.

Fortunately, business owners and human resources directors no longer must sacrifice employee safety due to logistical issues or packed schedules because the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program is now available online.

ALIVE stands for Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence, and Expose – the five steps that can help innocent individuals more effectively respond to an active shooting incident, thereby increasing their chances of survival.

Traditionally, this program has only been offered in-person via an ALIVE Certified Active Shooter Survival Training Instructor. However, now it has been made available via an online format, enabling participants to gain the knowledge to survive active shooter incidents without even leaving their computer.

During this online active shooter survival training course, participants will learn:

  • Which behaviors may signal that an active shooter incident may occur, prompting further action that could potentially stop an event
  • The most common causes of active shooting incidents, as well as the mental process an assailant goes through both before and during an event
  • The importance of developing a survival mindset and keeping enhanced situational awareness at all times
  • How to best survive an active shooter incident by following the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Plan

By engaging in the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program online, you and your staff can learn more about active shooter incidents and develop appropriate responses at a time that is most convenient for you. Even if that means taking the course bit-by-bit over an extended period to better accommodate a packed schedule.

The online version of the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program also enables participants to go over sections of interest multiple times. This helps reinforce the learning process and can enhance the active shooter response, making survival a more likely outcome.

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